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The Visionaries


    Jazmine aka Jazz

Licensed Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselor by day, Jazz is stepping outside of the therapy room to bring healing to those who need it the most with Shades of Brown!

Shades of Brown started as an idea in Jazz's mind, while in graduate school, seeing the gaps in services up close. Jazz decided against begging others to see the worth in "Her People" and chose to create a lane to Uplight the Kingdom of God while Promoting the Culture UNAPOLOGETICALLY! 

Jazz intends on meeting you right where you are as we tackle generational trauma and facilitate generational wellness and healing, together! 


Woman of God, Career Woman, and Leader, Geneva is adding an extra accomplishment to her many roles as the Hope at Midnight brand's innovative visionary. 

Geneva is allowing God to use all her creative gifts and talents as she creates inspirational and affirming materials to remind you of God's love and promises, even in the lowest places in life to help you get through life's challenges. 

Geneva can bring your vision to life with offerings of personalized material in the Hope at Midnight store. 

Some of Geneva's poetic work can be heard on the Coils and Cocoa Butter Podcast's Intro with the Poem entitled "Coils and Cocoa Butter".

kev studio.jpg


Kevin is the Founder of Audio Caina, LLC, a music production company that aims to create and promote musicianship and provides a lane to highlight dope artists. 

Kevin is also the backbone of the Coils and Cocoa Butter Podcast, providing all musical and audio production, for the brand. 

Some of Kevin's musicianship can be heard on the Coils and Cocoa Butter Podcast's intro, as he provided the background beat, mix, and mastering!

Check Kevin out at: for your musical production, recording, mix, and mastering needs. 

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